Fitness diva Chanel Coco Brown says, "So, I dragged my mumma to the gym this morning for some cardio, after 10 minutes she almost gave up as she was feeling tired and was giving me every excuse under the sun (love her haha), but I just knew she had more in her. After 40 minutes we both left the gym feeling amazing and proud that she didn’t give up!⁣"

"We’ve all been there, making excuses to get out of working out, “I’ll work out tomorrow,” “I’m too tired,” “I don’t have time”, these excuses are just ways for us to justify skipping our session. While indeed some days you may be too tired or really not have the time, only you know if it’s a valid reason or you are cheating yourself." ⁣

"Don’t be that person that cheats themselves, you are stronger than you think and have all the resources you need to accomplish your goals. The worst thing you can do is hold yourself back knowing you are fully capable. You’ve got this."