Ms. Bikini America Finalist Pamela Maass shares, “It wasn’t supposed to be this way…
Have you caught yourself saying that before?

It wasn’t supposed to be this hard.
It wasn’t supposed to look like this.
I wasn’t meant to feel like this.

I caught myself saying this through my late 20s, when I opted for the “easier” way.
The easier way, as it turns out was incredibly hard. My weight kept on yo yo ing... But that’s the thing, about stuff that’s difficult, they often take you the most extraordinary places. 
And one of the greatest gifts that can come from the hard stuff, is the mental belief that you are stronger than you realize.

I speak from experience.

My journey to the stage required me to do some hard things, I had to overcome my insecurities. I had to do some had things I felt was impossible like meal prep. I was a horrible cook. And I hate to fail. Cooking made me feel like a failure. 
I lost 30 pounds by making the commitment to prep most of my meals in advance (I used simple recipes that even I couldn't mess up). This was 90 percent of my transformation.

My journey also required me to workout consistently every day.

It was hard.
I was out of shape, and every time I finished one of those workouts, I didn’t think I would be able to peel myself off the floor.
But everyday I showed up. 
Everyday, mentally and physically I became happier, stronger, more confident, and ya know what…

I started to believe in myself. 
It shifted everything- not just my physical appearance.”