2016 Ms. Bikini Universe Tall Class Champion Heather Messenger shares, "PLEASE! If you have a #goal and you don't feel #capable or #worthy enough to achieve it, get those thoughts out of your head and go for it! I had goals for many years that I set aside because of self-limiting beliefs or listening to the opinion of others and continued to tell myself I couldn't do it or I wasn't enough. Then I learned, "If it's #possible for the world, it's possible for me," and I began to tune out the negativity.
I never thought I would:
1. lose 55 pounds after trying over and over.
2. have a business that would replace my teacher income and spend every waking minute with my family how I want.
3. become Miss Bikini Universe!
4. join a team of world class elite athletes.
5. have the power to help others change their lives as well... but guess what.. I DID IT! I reached my goals, all because I said "I AM ENOUGH!" and went for them and you can too! I began to surround myself with some of the most uplifting and inspiring people I know and they never let me give up. Find your tribe and have them guide you, if you don't have one, you are welcome in ours.<3 YOU are #enough, and YOU can accomplish #anything! "