Figure Asia Champion Glady Leong shares, “I wanna lose weight and "tone" but I don't wanna build muscles.... contradicting but this sentence has been heard more than 10 times a week for trainers.... What helps women stay strong, burn calories, and build healthy bones? Strength training. ... Resistance training increases resting metabolism by about 7 percent and help minimize muscle loss as you get more calories burnt. Working with weights keeps your body working long after you’ve stopped lifting. This is the process commonly called “after-burn.” There is much talk in exercise circles about the body’s ability to continue burning calories after exercise, called “excess post-exercise oxygen consumption,” A study reports that the body takes between 15 minutes and 48 hours to return to a resting state after exercise. This means you can continue burning calories after you exercise.

Reduces risk of osteoporosis
-Because of hormonal changes that women experience as they get older, they naturally lose bone density, putting them at increased risk for developing osteoporosis. Routinely lifting weights slows bone deterioration and can help your bones grow stronger, help you maintain strength, and reduce your chance of developing or slows the effects of — osteoporosis.

Decreases injury risk
-When you build muscle, you help protect your joints from injury and increase your balance and coordination. This becomes increasingly important to help you maintain your independence as you age.

An NO you will NOT become muscular.... only shapey and stronger as females do not have 
testosterone and it's a lot harder for us to get masculine. Remember Weights Don't Make You BIG, Junk Food Does! ( From 5kg bicep curls to 14kg now😍 #milestone)”