2015 Model Antelope Valley Champion Sivenn Lee shares.."2016 Vs. 2108: Two difference physique, but same mentality. 2016 was the start of testing myself. Rewind back to 2016: I was working full time and running a Martial Art business along with caring for my parents. I had three mortgages to pay. My mortgage, my parents and the business. It was a very stressful time in my life. I turned into working out as a stress reliever and I was determined to work out every day before work. I don’t know what made me do it, but at the time I wanted to do something out of my comfort zone, and I looked up Musclemania. I wanted to trained myself and push myself to my limits. I thought to myself “Why not try it out?” I trained every day and when the competition came I flipped out and thought “Wtf, am I doing?” I placed 1st and 2nd and didn’t realized that that day marked a very special meaning.. it wasn’t about placing, but instead it was about “perseverance”. It marked the beginning of taking risks, of pushing myself, and not being scared of failures. Now fast forwarding to 2018: Divorced, sold my beautiful 6 bedroom home to dealing with Alopecia... After placing 2nd in Vegas and seeing the growth pushes me to do even more. Through it all, I realized the correlations between my fitness and business journey. They both take risks, hard works, and disciplines. Cheers to 2019 same mentality, and the same goals!" Sivenn will be competing this Saturday at the Fitness Antelope Valley Championships in the Bikini and Fitness divisions