Mother & Daughter Team Kayleigh & Megan Suzanne Kappeli (R) at Fitness America Weekend™ in Las Vegas. The Colorado pair were competing nationally for first time. Megan reflects, "It was a wonderful experience meeting so many phenomenal, accomplished, strong women. From the outside it looks like a superficial show, but for the people involved, you have no idea what it takes to make it to these competitions. It’s months/years of practice. Plus it’s not about being skinny! It’s about being HEALTHY! I’ve never eaten so much good food so many times a day."

"The day we arrived my suitcase was stolen with all costumes, custom swimsuits, props, jewelry, shoes, EVERYTHING! I had to cancel my photo shoot and scramble to throw costumes together in less than 24-hrs. Kayla, Kayleigh, Abby, and Kyle all helped me power shop for replacements. All the prep and money on my Vegas costumes was a total loss. However, if it wasn’t for my friends and coach, the other competitors offering support and their willingness to help me piece things back together I would have “lost it.”

"This is the reason I compete. Yes, the trophies are a bonus. But the connections with people who have a common goal can lift your spirits.
There was a lot of close contact that I didn’t expect, so we’ll be self quarantining when we get home. My little people pod will be home bound, I don’t want to be responsible for getting someone sick😞 It’ll be a good week to center our family, de clutter and reflect on our blessings."