Fitness diva Chanel Coco Brown says, "I read something earlier that went like this:, 'This is the beginning ⁣of loving yourself. ⁣Welcome home’⁣."

"That ‘welcome home’ part was everything to me, home - being a place that is secure and where you have all you need." ⁣

"We weren’t born hating ourselves and picking ourselves apart. Our body is our temple and sure our body will change as time goes by, but this is why we shouldn’t attach our worth to something fleeting. Instead, love your body because of everything it has done for you and will continue to do." ⁣

"We hear countless judgements from strangers often criticizing bodies that don’t live up to societies standards, but loving yourself is no longer letting other people change the way you see yourself." ⁣

"If you too are guilty of letting others criticism get to you and allowing it to change the way you look at yourself in the mirror, then let this be the beginning of loving yourself, your home."