2015 Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Melanie Harris remembering the day in which she earned her Pro card!

She shares, "...This is the day that I became a professional athlete, but NOT the day when the mentality of a champion began.

Visualization works! During most all of my workouts leading up to show day, I would visualize myself in a pink bikini in the center of the line up (first place) with two figures on either side of me. There were times when that visualization wasn't the clearest but I held on tight to that vision and I -forced- that image to remain in my mind. And when it came true in reality, I was overwhelmed with excitement & complete gratitude, hence my reaction.

The body will do what the mind believes is possible. The body also doesn't know the difference between actually DOING and "performing mentally." Every day, visualize the goals you are SERIOUS about achieving!!! Xoxo"