Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Alex Paine shares "A lot of people underestimate the training and dedication to nutrition that goes into being a being a bikini competitor. Realistically, we train just like any body builder does, but we focus on different primary muscle groups. I train as many as 6 days per week, and my weekly training program for example, includes up to 3 leg days a week. Let's see some boys try that! The rest of my week is split among all upper body, broken up into shoulders and light chest, arms, back and frequent abs. Depending on my goals and focus dictates the number of reps and sets I shoot for per workout. Commonly I'll perform series of drop sets, super sets and work to increase my weights weekly. Typically I will take one rest day a week as well so I can recover. As for cardio, I typically perform HIIT, which is a great way to increase metabolism, helping me burn more at rest. So as a "bikini builder" I am putting in hours of work every day to build lean muscles, create shape and balance, and build my curves!"