Jodi Mehan says, "We are all wounded my friends. Healing is a necessary part of life. Physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. But we heal."

"We don’t all heal at the same rate. We don’t all heal the same way. But we all have a choice about what to do with the pain we have endured. And we don’t have to wait until we are completely healed before we move forward."

"This photos was 7 years ago. I was struggling with a lot in my life. But i found that sharing my pain with others was helping them and myself to heal. I knew my mission then and now and it’s to build other women up that have forgotten just how flipping fabulous they are. They’ve forgotten what it feels like to be 5 years old and invincible. They can’t remember a time they weren’t picking themselves apart. They’ve missed out on experiences because they didn’t like the way they looked."

"I’ve helped many since this picture and I had a lot of personal healing to do myself. But I kept going."

"Take part in the present right now. The healing is in the living of life, sharing of pain and dropping the perfectionism holding you back."