Fitness Universe Champion Angela Gargano asks, "Remember why you started? Especially in NYC, everything moves FAST. It’s easy to get caught up in comparing yourself to others because everyone is just so incredible and determined. Its easy to get caught up and maybe not feel good enough."

"It’s not cause we don’t think we are enough its because we KNOW we are meant for more and we know we can get there, and that can cause a decent amount of anxiety for many of us. It’s a lot of hard work, and nothing comes easy or happens over night. And just think if everything was easy that wouldn’t be as fun right?"

"Last weekend, being away from NYC someone told me, 'Don’t forget the bigger picture'.” Suddenly, the anxiety decreased and the perspective of it all changed immediately.
Yes it’s amazing to get busy, but its important to not lose site of the Bigger Picture of what we are doing here as fitness professions and 'influencers.'"

"The bigger picture is that I want to continually help others realize their inner potential, to break through barriers, not only in health but in life. And by my journey of continuing to persist even when I felt not good enough, if my story help one person, push themselves to be better, then I have won."

"The bigger picture is NOT to become famous, or to care about how many followers I have, or compare my looks to others. That is bunch of nose that all of us can get caught up in and none of it matters."

"So take a second…breath..and ask yourself what is the 'Bigger picture to what I am doing?'"