2016 Ms. Bikini Universe Tall Class Champion Heather Messenger shares, "#tbt to Fitness Universe Miami 2016 where I earned Miss Bikini Universe, my PRO card, and best of all... lifelong friendships with some of the most amazing women. ♡

'Success doesn't come to just one type of person or body type. It is developed internally when you finally figure out who you are...It comes from aligning yourself with powerful forces of nature. When you become an army, you find success faster. Do not try to go it alone. Life just can't be wrapped up in a pretty little bow.. Its messy, its chaotic and its challenging, but your tenacity and fierceness are your best wingmen and if you develop those two characteristics, you can take any curveball, toss it up, and crack that ceiling that blocks you from what you want…'- Cathy Savage"