Fitness America Champion Angela Gargano says, "By now approximately 80 percent of people have fallen off track from their New Year's resolutions. For real, by the second week of February literally only a month into the year all those exciting new 2021 year goals have magically faded."

"I mean, I get it. This year had quite the start and basically felt like an extended 2020. But that’s still no excuse, but instead of beating yourself up as to why you are a part of that 80% instead let’s take a second to re-evaluate."

Did you . . .

-️ Get Specific:

"Not just say, I want to tone up and lose a few pounds, but instead create a road map. For example: I will eat veggies for three of my meals everyday this month and get 30minutes of activity in!"

-️ Reevaluate:

"You got really specific above, but it’s so important to re-evaluate. Did you actually do those specific things you sought out to do? If not..why? What got in the way?"

-️ Don’t fall off just cause you had a “bad” day:

"You are never going to have a perfect week or a perfect day. Shit is going to hit the fan. That’s life. Just because you have a bad day doesn’t mean you need to completely give up. Instead, have the bad day. Notice that it’s okay, move on. Recognize it, forgive it, let it go and move on."