Australian Fitness Model Alexandra Kierdorf-Robinson shares, "Don't forget to lift your WEIGHTS this week!
Apart from the obvious (Aesthetics & Increased Metabolism) weight training is great for BONE DENSITY!! This is especially true for us women, but very important for men too...
As we get older and hormone levels such as estrogen and testosterone drop our bone density decreases. (These hormones are essential for the health of our bones). Our bone density is at its PEAK in our mid twenties, and after that there is a slow decline in bone health for the rest of our lives (in women it's takes a big plunge after menopause)... BUT HERE'S THE GOOD NEWS!! We can SIGNIFICANTLY slow down the process!!!!!! 👏👏👏👏
By lifting weights and doing WEIGHT BEARING EXERCISE we tell our bodies that our bones need to STAY STRONG and as always is the case with exercise - OUR BODIES WILL RESPOND AND ADAPT 🔃🔃🔃
Anyone over the age of 25 should do resistance training - it will improve the quality of your life as you grow old!! Hip, shoulder, wrist fractures are sooooo common in mature age people and really impacts on their independence. So how about we start preventing that for ourselves and our families today??! 👆👆👆
Thanks for your time guys!! And by the way - it needs to be weight bearing - impactful. You need to LOAD YOUR SKELETON for ur to be effective!! Squats, Deadlifts, Benchpress etc, as well as Running, Aerobics, anything with impact..
So if you're a swimmer - yes this form of exercise is amazing - but not weight bearing whatsoever. So get out of the pool a couple days a week
✌️️😉 Love, Alex"