2015 Fitness America Champion Aubrey Worek shares, "My absolute FAVORITE quote right now that I recently read as apart of my Healthy Mind/body program is, "Be Patient With Yourself. Nothing in Nature Blooms Year Round." - Unknown. ?
Almost 8 months postpartum and to be honest, I thought I'd be further along on getting back to "me." I feel better now than I have done in months - and for this reason I am grateful! ???? ??
Literally had zero clue on how challenging the aftermath would be after having a baby ????
??Staying consistent with 2 shakes per day, tons of veggies, wild fish ?? and healthy fats has certainly helped me get to a desirable body weight.
Body composition will take a bit longer to improve...so quitting is not an option!
Women who persevere inspire me to do the same.
Shout out to all those gals who just stay the course.”