Model California Champion Victoria Schexnayders shares, “I am competing with this woman right here on stage, yes myself! It isn't easy starting over after doing bikini shows back to back in 2017 then taking a year off I definitely gained some weight & that year off I was very stressed, had anxiety, and depression and felt like I was never going to get out but instead of continuing to be in the state that I was in I found it in me to say I don't want to live life this way and I want to live life to the fullest so I made some huge changes in my life. I got out of a toxic relationship, I focused on myself and what made me happy & I had faith that things were going to be better and I have been taking it one day at a time. Getting ready for a show and in general getting fit is a process. You have to be patient and learn to enjoy every step of the way. It has only been a few months that I have been on competition prep but I already feel like I am myself again. I have never been happier, so motivated, and driven to reach my goals. I try my best to look for the postives and stay away from the negativity even if I have a bad day or don't see the results that I want the key is to stay consistent and NEVER give up. If you want it you have to work for it, we live in a society that expects and demands instant gratification.. take your time trust the process love your self and positive vibes. Looking back at the weight / fat I gained during that year off I am using it to build the muscle & can see that I have made more gains then when I started. Turn the neg into a pos at the very least find a silver lining. Love, Victoria.”