No matter what our personal best in the gym is, one of our biggest strengths is that good ‘ol woman’s intuition. Sometimes the plan that we have made or the vision that we have created isn’t exactly the plan meant for you.  I personally confirmed that once again at Fitness America last weekend.


I am a very spiritual person and use it to guide me through my big and small decisions on a daily basis. I try to be organized and have a plan, but the spirit trumps it all.  That was no different last weekend when I made my game time decision to compete in Figure (After Bikini and Sports Model, I was exhausted to say the least.) Being an athlete my entire life and coming from a family of football and basketball players, I am just naturally more muscular than average.  When I started competing 2 years ago everyone said I should do Figure, but I really just enjoyed Bikini, mostly because of my ability to get creative with fun costumes and the style of modeling.  I figured one day I would eventually give it a shot, but after I quickly got my Pro card in Bikini, I figured I would stick to that.


The night before Fitness America started, I popped up in the middle of the night with “that feeling” and knew I HAD to do Figure now!  Did I have a figure suit?  Nope.  Did I know how to pose?  By the looks of my pictures, obviously not.  I did not plan for it, train for it or even think about it, but somehow it came together at the very last minute. Figure Pros, Allanna Anstaett generously loaned me her extra suit and Ruby Carter-Pikes gave me a quick 5 minute crash course right before I had to walk on stage.  They needed to get themselves ready, but were awesome enough to help me out.  (Side note: Another reason I love being a part of this organization; the people are absolutely amazing! Fellow competitors have your back and support you and your crazy decisions, and for that I am grateful.)


I had no expectations, but had to at least see what it was like and how it would go.  I really didn’t have much to lose, except for maybe a little pride.  It all came together at the last second and I still ended up placing 4th.  That was crazy.  That, along with a 3rd place finish in Sports Model, I was pretty happy with the weekend.  However, of all the times I have won or placed over the past 2 years, this Figure one ranks right up there in epicness along with last summer when I got my Bikini pro card at Fitness Universe and me winning at Muscle Mania India (another of my acts of randomness). Who knows what I will do in my next show.  Sports Model? Bikini? Just focus on becoming a Figure Pro?  All of the above?  I am still debating.  Either way, there is never a dull moment and it’s always a good time. Always stay open to possibilities and new challenges and don’t underestimate the power or your intuition, even when it makes no sense.  You never know, things may actually fall into place, even if it is 5 minutes before you have to go on an international stage 😉