Ms. Bikini Latina Xime Chvls Mng says, "Something that has taken me years to understand and I finally see clearly is that unless you have genetics of an extremely slim body, wanting to fit into that type of body just because for many it was "the prototype of beauty" with which we have grown will make you suffer."

"Doing extreme diets, promoting eating disorders, or a lot of cardio will never make you feel satisfied or happy. Instead, do the following simple things:"

- Eat healthy
- Exercise
- Have discipline
- Commitment to yourself

"They will give you the necessary confidence and self-esteem and no, you will not put on your back, nor will you look like a man, you will only be your best version in a healthy and loved body, and at last you will be happy when you stop flushing yourself to fit in someone or something that you are not."