US Army soldier Frantzcesca Casimir says, "It's been its 16 years this week! Time flies! Be sure to be present❤️."

"First three and the last three years of my career have been the most impactful for me. From being on my first deployment and experiencing things that I’ve never thought I would, to contributing to putting healthcare professionals in the Army as a recruiter."

"I told myself that I never want to get to the point where I feel like I’m just going through the motions but instead strive to be present every single day and setting goals every week."

"Originally when choosing my last assignment, my main goal was to chose a location where I can focus more on my brand but recently came to the realization that it’s the perfect assignment to incorporate all the skills that I’ve learned throughout my Army career. I’m very excited to see what these remaining 4 years have to offer."