Figure Universe Pro Champion Christine Woods shares, “I was thinking about goals this morning and why I’ve been successful at achieving some goals and less successful with others. #TBT to my first Bikini competition in 2009. This was an experience for many reasons… The funniest reason being that I knew nothing about competing in the “Bikini” division. I had done Figure competitions before, and I knew what a Figure suit was but I mistakenly thought a Bikini was well…a BIKINI! I went to Target, got a bikini, showed up with it and wore it. So yes, that is me in the Target brand bikini, minus all the BLING that every other competitor was sporting. But as you can see, that bikini and I did alright 😉

But what led me to think about this competition specifically was that it was about a year after I had my daughter. And at that time, I was itching to feel and look fit again. 
So I set a SMART goal. 
Specific – I decided to compete in a Bikini Competition 
Measureable - I tracked my progress over the 12 weeks leading up to the show
Attainable - I knew the Bikini division would be an attainable look for me to achieve. It was what I wanted to get back to…a healthy and fit me
Realistic –I gave myself enough time to achieve my goal without having to do anything unhealthy or extreme
Timeline – There was a show date and that date wasn’t going to change, ready or not

A show has a non-negotiable achievement date… It’s called SHOW TIME! And I have come to realize my successes have largely depended on strategic deadlines. An achievement date absolutely increases goal attainment. For me, it 1) holds me accountable 2) keeps my momentum going and 3) keeps me focused only on what’s most important. 
And a goal once achieved has incredible power. It builds self-esteem and strengthens self-belief. To know that I can reach a goal by pointing myself in the right direction and taking small and gradual action. … To know that little by little, I am making progress even if it doesn’t always appear that way… To know that I can succeed if I just stick to the task.

The person you become when you reach a significant goal is a person more likely to achieve future goals. So set some goals.”