2014 Physique America Champion Lauren Austin shares, "It's now been 2 years that I've been in business for myself and 4 years that I've been bodybuilding. Genetics and luck aren't what got me to where I am!

I had to quit thinking that opportunities would just fall into my lap. I had to work hard and become so disciplined that the thought of missing a workout, canceling on a client, or cheating on my diet wasn't even a factor. I had to work to build my business I couldn't rely on someone to just hand me it all to me...and now I've got to watch out for the duplicators!

During this shoot yesterday with my motivational photographer, Sierra Prime, he and I talked about what I want to do, my goals, and how I can't loose sight of it! For me I've felt a dramatic increase in my own self confidence from having the opportunity to participate in his shoots. I am self-built...body and business. You have to remind yourself that if you're not born with it, then you have to build it."