Fitness Universe Star Andi Ruth shares, "I’ve always been someone with a thirst for knowledge, a seeker, a curious mind—a personal-development devotee, if you will. There’s just something about supercharging the mind that really keeps me living in the present and launching forward all at the same time.

I tend to get restless often. I feel bored, unsettled, dissatisfied, and stagnant on a regular basis. For years, I would fight this “feeling-of-BLAH,” but now, I’ve learned to let the discontent guide me forward.

Here’s the thing, though: Growing means changing, and change is scary. And fear will quite happily, quite willingly, run the show. We are so afraid of what others will think. If I alter who I am or what I’m doing, will they still approve? We are so hesitant to chance feeling rejected or judged. What if we make a mistake? What if this isn’t the right step to take? The thing is, the majority of what fear whispers in our ear isn’t real. It’s an illusion. As soon as you buy into that illusion is the very moment you give up your freedom. You sacrifice a life of fullness, you say no the rush of discovery, you say adios to the high of diving in with your heart in your throat.

When it comes to your message to the world, when it comes to your desire for more, when it comes to reaching all new highs, there’s only one sure-fire way to ensure fear isn’t running the show. Go do that thing you fear most. Do that thing that gives people opinions about you. Create the judgment.

By doing this, you’re sending the most important message of all: Being who you are, owning who you want to be, trumps simply presenting yourself in a way that’s palatable for others.

As long as you can look in the mirror and see truth behind your eyes, I’d say you’ve taken the path that’s “oh-so you,” and that’s “oh-so-fabulous.”