Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Andrea M. Estrada shares, "Making my PRO debut in Vegas at #fitnessamericaweekend was definitely a major highlight of the year! Not only did I bust my ass to complete my masters degree, I simultaneously worked hard to prep for the biggest show of the year and on my newly discovered passion for the fitness lifestyle. Does this make me perfect? No where close! As I continue to reflect and regroup over the year I can actually see my imperfections pretty clearly! With that being said, I realize that it's ok to embrace me, mistakes and accomplishments, and feel proud of myself. I thank God for my life and my hope is to fulfill my purpose with heart. I have so many people to thank for being a part of my continuous growth as a supporter, friend, mentor, coach, and I am forever grateful for each of you! Be good people and welcome 2017!

Shout out to Fitness Universe and Musclemania for providing this opportunity for all athletes to showcase their hard work!"