2016 Ms. Bikini Universe Masters Short Runner-Up Ann Hubbard shares, "I am grateful to have spent the past two weeks of my life with the most important people in my life. Mike, our family's and all my Fitness Universe friends. My wedding and Honeymoon were everything I could ever hope for thanks to all the amazing people who helped us put it together and were present. To see all the wonderful, teams, coaches and staff of Fitness Universe welcome me back with open arms feels nothing short of incredible. 2nd place in an International Competition with over 300 competitors is amazing. However, for the fierce competitor in me, I had to review all the show web-stream videos, Fitness Universe judging criteria, and objectively see how I could have done better in an attempt to regain my Fitness Universe Ms. Bikini Universe Masters Champion title from 2 years ago. I tried to come in with a softer physique than the hard prior Fitness Universe Figure pro physique most people are use to seeing me with. But as I look in the mirror at the "Woman" who will be 50 years old next month, I am proud of who I am, where I am today, the people around me, and trust that things always work out best for those who work and remain positive."