French Model Gabrielle Friscira Fitness Model shares, "Soooo Fit ??...
But that was before! ???? ?? I'm far from my "form of compèt" now!

But at the same time, this #shape is only ephemeral, and can't be maintained in the year. ?? it's simply impossible, and it's important to know.

? the after competition was quite difficult again this year, because after 5 months of privations (without starch, without bad fat and no bad sugars) + 7/7 hyper intense workouts... when you find a " Normal life ", the body doesn't necessarily understand!! ?? or mind by any other ??
Especially after competitions, we are no longer in "normality" because we eat 3 times + (++++ ??) than before, and not necessarily healthy foods (unfortunately)! ?? then inevitably, it does damage pretty quickly!! ?

But, there is a time when we regulate ???? even if it can last weeks, months... or years!! ??

All this to say I'm starting to find a physical and mental balance (After 3 months.....)?? even if I'm far from being dry!! I keep doing sports because training is above all a Pleasure, I also eat things that make me happy, and I try to accept myself as I am (I said I'm trying....) ahah ?? not easy that will tell me!

??In Big, competitions are well over for me (maybe one day the envy will take me to redo one????) but for the time I got my dose ???? (10 competitions in 3). Years ??).. in the end, for many reasons, and after thinking, I found more disadvantages than benefits to practice this "sport"! ???? ?? and then I have other projects, Other cravings.. I really think life is too short to not be happy so live fully your life and don't lose a minute of your time doing something you don't like.. ??

To make simple: do what you want, but be happy ??"