"There are days I feel like I’m completely in control of everything," says California fitness diva Chanel Coco Brown. "I’ve had my daily water intake, taken my vitamins, got my emails to 0 . . . and then there are other days like today when I question myself and feel totally overwhelmed.⁣"

"We often hear the phrase ‘find your purpose in life’, yet I’m sure many of us aren’t exactly sure on what that is. We’re juggling many things in our lives, some have meaningful careers, others are raising a family, we may be working on our finances or perhaps we are travelling the world. And it makes me wonder, isn’t our true purpose simply to live a life we love? Instead of chasing one thing?" ⁣

"We’ve been told to attach our ‘purpose’ to a career or an act, however, I feel my true purpose the most when I let things flow, when I forget what I’ve been told life should be and I enjoy where I am now. Not the past or the future, just simply living in the present." ⁣

"So the next time you feel like you haven’t got it all figured out yet, remember you’re not lost and perhaps you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be in your life, flowing through the ups and downs and many lessons life teaches us.⁣"

"Anyway, I wanted to jot down my thoughts this morning, hopefully it helps someone else who was feeling overwhelmed. Love you if you’ve read this far lol. You’ve got this, we’ve got this, let’s stop putting so much pressure on ourselves, eh?"