2015 Fitness America Champion Aubrey Worek-DeStephen shares, "This picture reminds me of a few things:

✨that it takes the talent of an artist to help capture & remind you of the essence of your physical beauty

✨but it must come from your state of mind to let the moment be captured 📷 this picture stands out to me - it reminds me that I'm still sexy - even at 34 weeks pregnant I'm saying this!
Sure I waddle like a duck and my crotch hurts every day...but I refer to this as my "pregnancy gangster lean." This has been the only time in my life that I can stick my belly out, rub it like I'm making a wish and no one says a damn thing 😉

I also look at this shot and recall a time in my life I'll always remember - achieving a goal that took almost 8 years - winning my pro card at the Fitness America Pageant in 2015.
Soon I will experience something even more surreal...the birth of my son and being given the opportunity to bring life into this world.
Life is crazy and I choose to do my best to love and accept myself at any age and every stage."