Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Jessica Vasquez showing us a piece of reality today. There is a healthy balance between being competition ready and off-season.

Jessica says, "This is my current off season body. What do you think I should improve??? Comments & Suggestions below please! I would love to hear from you!! Eating Whole Foods & Training daily is my LIFESTYLE. Some of you may be able to understand the bothersome feeling of not knowing what’s next in your life journey when you are hungry for success & NEW adventures! I am beyond ready for the NEXT CHAPTER in my life regardless of what is destined to come!! Every moment simple or not is helping me to transform into the person I was meant to be.

I haven’t competed in 1 year and many people ask when I will jump on stage again!!! I honestly don’t know. The cool thing is I am still super active w/ Photo Shoots, Fit Club World™, Campaigns, 2018 JV Calendar Release, Magazine/Print Work, Team ON, Appearances & much more!! I love to travel + taking up new challenges!! Let me know if there is any way I can assist you with your nutrition or body goals. I have 7 solid years of experience within Fitness Competitions, Fitness Modeling, Spokes Person, Nutrition/Supplementation, trial & error + support from various pro coaches, mentors and fitness experts! I am ready to HELP educate you towards reaching your GOALS!!! Reach out!!! Lets start TODAY!!!"