"It’s not necessarily about the dream." says Krissy Cela. "It’s about the execution, learning and never giving up."

"If I could count the amount of times I wanted to give up you wouldn’t believe me. Having a dream / goal is amazing but to be able to make it happen, mess up, mess up some more, then mess up again but keep trying and trying because you fundamentally believe in your vision more than anything possible that’s what’s powerful."

"My vision is simple, to make fitness as accessible as possible for all women and for all women to look amazing doing it... and one final component to also be part of an incredible uplifting community and never feel alone."

"This goes beyond launching a new company, this is about how much are you willing to work, invest (energy) and learn from “failures” so you never give up."

"You’ve got to constantly remind yourself WHY you’re doing what you’re doing... that’s the bottom line. If you keep remembering your why everything else has a solution. You cannot give up, no matter how many times you want to stop, no matter how many times shit hits the fan, no matter how much of a struggle it is . . . REMEMBER YOUR WHY."

"So my promise to you is I won’t forget my why, regardless of how many nights I lose sleep or moments I call Hollie saying I give up... I won’t forget my why because this goes beyond just me.... this is for US, our community and always will be 💙."