Fitness Universe™ Pro Lorrie Lean says, "I'm staying home, active and keeping it positive. Even though some days are challenging not being able to my usual routine, like many, I'm doing my best to follow through with government orders and staying home and not going outside, unless I have to."

"Some things I am doing include:"

1. "Keep a healthy nutrition. Yes, its easy to fall off the healthy eating wagon and eat comfort foods during uncomfortable times. I keep those delicious foods that are not quite so nutritious in moderation."

2. "Staying active with home workouts. Even though the gym has many options to easily cross train and not get bored. Using items at home, like suitcases, water jugs, workout bands, etc makes it fun to get creative while keeping in my workouts."

3. "The right attitude makes a difference. Sure, looking at the same walls while staying home from day to day can get a little mundane, at times. Staying active and with the right positive attitude makes these times easier to handle. Another is that I stay connected with my Fitness America™ family. That makes it easy for me to keep myself on the positive track.”