Back from Miami Swimsuit week, Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Andrea M. Estrada says, "Booked zero castings this week, but it was still a good time in Miami. Still learning the ways of the industry and areas I can improve as a fitness and swimsuit model. Although things don’t always work out as planned, you can always find a silver lining in the disappointments."

"My silver lining is after struggling to get back on track with my healthy lifestyle through exercise and nutrition in 2020, this gave me that extra push to keep going. I’m super happy with the progress I made in the last 3 months with my nutrition and cardio habits. I no longer feel sluggish, fit comfortably in my clothes, and know I can take my body in whatever direction I want moving forward. I find this encouraging rather than discouraging, and I understand rejection and ‘no’ is just a part of the process ."

"Spent time at the good time hotel, saw some awesome designers and fashion shows, and ate lots of yummy food! Until next time Miami."