2015 Australia Figure Medium Class Runner Up Alexandra Kierdorf-Robinson says"I may not be the fastest, I’m hardly the strongest and I’m definitely not the biggest. But I’ll be sweating blood before I stop.

The GRIT is a characteristic I try to pass on to my clients. Especially if someone is new to training. When we’re new to the feeling of physical exhaustion, training can be quite daunting and maybe even a little bit scary... And it takes a while to get used to the concept that discomfort, shortness of breath, pressure and even a touch of panic can be a GOOD thing 😃

However, once we’re over this initial hurdle, intensity is key. How many calories you burn and what results you achieve in a session is completely dependant on your intensity. Make sure you always go to that place wayyyyy outside the comfort zone... 

Because in the world of creating a PHYSICAL CHANGE 👉
Quitters don’t win - and winners don’t quit 👊"