"Love your in-between moments," says Fitness America™ Champion Angela Gargano.

"Recently I came back from an intense 2 weeks of adventuring, being around amazing people, working on camera and lots of go go go. Honestly, I personally LOVE it, I love being super busy and running around and having a purpose..I LOVE being on camera that’s where I flourish and feel a live."

"But where I get really stuck is those in between moments. The moments where I’m not running around like crazy. In fitness competitions, we use to call this the “post show blues” you work super hard for a moment and then the moment is over...and you’re kinda like now what."

"That’s where I’ve been at lately. My body needed a break from all the intense training so I’ve been working out less and resting more. I’ve been working more on the computer to finish projects and fine tune things in my business and making improvements in everywhere possible."

"But I feel this sense 'I’m not doing enough' and makes me feel like what I’m doing doesn’t matter. Or maybe if I’m not there 100% everything is going to fall apart. Here’s the deal, it’s so important to master and appreciate these 'in between' moments."

"What I found is a key 🔑 factor in my in between moments is environment. Being surrounded by good people with the same ambition, being in places where I walk outside and feel good, being in a space (your home) where wake up refreshed. Having people who hold you accountable."