2017 Ms. Bikini America Champion Leah Gruber shares "Being healthy doesn’t mean I’m photoshoot ready with washboard abs all the time. When I’m not as focused on my diet I don’t stay super lean. There is a lot of pressure to stay lean both on social media and in Vegas, and when I’m leaner I think people equate it with me being healthier. So I tend to feel disappointed in myself and that I’ve “let myself go” if I get a little soft here and there. But being super lean and ripped is not real life. Real life is about being happy, healthy, and balanced. It’s unrealistic to think that you’re never going to share a pizza with your friend, or do a wine and cheese night, or celebrate a birthday with ice cream and cake. Of course I do all these things but I also try to eat clean healthy nutrient rich whole foods the vast majority of the time. No I’m not going to have my ultimate beach bod every day of the week or month. I just strive to find a balance where I’m still living a life I enjoy while staying healthy overall. That way when I need to kick it into gear for a photoshoot or competition I’m not pushing myself too hard too fast."