2015 Fitness Universe Champion Ekaterina Guensler starts training harder, spending more time on her fitness routine and lifting more weights as she gets closer to a competition and stays on track with a very strict program. The 40 years young former Georgian gymnast says "An excellent and carefully prepared training routine is very important to me, it helps me avoid injures and keeps me in my A game. I follow my Trainers from Equinox 3 phase cycle program to assure my progress and avoid a plateau. I create my fitness routines, mix my own music & I also create my own costumes, which gives me great pleasure. This is the part I love !! I love creating ! And in the end I practice each element over and over again until it feels very automatic. In competitions nerves can take over and if I did not put enough time into my routine then everything goes out the window. So this time I will give it all I got !! " Ekaterina will be competing this June at the Fitness Universe Weekend in Miami Beach.