Australian Fitness Model Alexandra Kierdorf-Robinson says "Ladies - don't be scared of a little muscle mass!! In my work as a PT I often hear the common phrase 'I don't want to get big and bulky' by doing weights... My sisters - we don't have enough testosterone to get big & bulky like men naturally! But what we do want is a little bit of size & lean muscle on our bodies!! WHY you say? Because the more muscle you have the bigger your metabolism will be. Let me explain - a pound of muscle requires more calories to exist every day than a pound of fat ✔️ This is of course talking about weight control, but there are endless beneficial factors, such as: A stronger body & posture for every day life activities ✔️ Decreased risk of osteoporosis ✔ High rep intensive training will give you an increased cardiovascular fitness ✔️ So let's get lifting girls."