Fitness America™ Champion Angela Gargano quotes, "'I'm embarrassed to see how out of shape I really am'." I've heard this multiple times this week from women/men and more importantly my mom. She used to workout every week before covid. Then when the pandemic HIIT she stopped going to the gym & got super caught up in trying to teach special needs kids virtually. Super unfamiliar with technology, trying to be creative and she is always striving to be her best so naturally the first thing she started to neglect was herself."

"We’ve ALL been there. And it’s okay. But when things slowed down with work I asked her why she hadn’t started to workout again. And she said she was embarrassed. She didn’t want her old instructors to see where she is at now, she didn’t want people judging her. She was fearful she wouldn’t even be able to keep up with a full workout."

"And then my Mom joined my Sunday Zoom Class, we took it slow, focused on form and at the end of the workout she was like. It was scary. She almost didn’t show up. But she’s so happy she did."

"If you are feeling like my mom, you are not alone. Im here to tell you to be gentle with yourself. Life happens, but we are here to support you on your journey. All you need to do is get started."