Fitness America Champion Stacie Wildenhain Venagro asks, "Ever wonder what your body would look like if you fueled it more? 🚘 (beep, beep)⁣."

"All too often I hear how we want to lose weight so we just take in 500 calories a day and exercise for an hour or more. As women we think this is the way we will lose weight, which for most, you will in the beginning. I can assure you the first 5lbs is only water weight. From there is where it starts to get harder to lose weight... why? Because we aren’t giving our bodies enough food aka fuel. So how can we calculate how much we should be eating?"⁣

"A simple general rule would be your body weight x 11. This will figure out your basal metabolic rate. (Again, this is super basic but it’s a start)⁣"

"So if you weigh 150 lbs, your BMR would be 1650. That’s if you sit on a couch all day and do not exercise. This is how much your body can burn on its own! (I know, mind blowing 🤯 huh)⁣"

"So when you add in exercise, say you burned 350 calories, this will bring you up to 2000 calories per day! This is where you should be at per day. Again, this is different for everyone and their goals but it’s a start." ⁣

"Your body will start responding like you want it to because you are giving it fuel. I can go more in depth but Instagram doesn’t give me enough characters!"

"In order to lose weight, we must eat. In order to gain muscle, we must eat. Do not self medicate and under eat. You are doing more damage to your metabolism, hormones and gut."