Fitness Universe Pro Stacie Venagro shares, "Not only is this a #transformation or a #tbt .. It's 6 weeks of working out and getting back into the swing of things!
It takes time, patience and hard work! I still have a ways to go to reach MY goals (and I will reach them) but I'm working towards them daily! Change doesn't happen overnight and I am an example of that!
Don't be too hard on yourself! Especially to all the new moms out there! If there's a day you don't feel like doing anything, then take a day and start fresh the next! As a new mom, I am learning that!
Food is KEY here! I eat 80% clean every day! I have my @isagenix meal replacement shakes with my @nutsnmore peanut butter to help me get through the day as I may be too busy to sit down and cook something! I eat whole foods and eat every 3 hours! I still have a "treat" meal once a week!
Do I workout every day? Nope! I just got back into my workouts 6 weeks ago and I'm getting stronger as the weeks go on!
Be proud of every step! Embrace your body's changes especially being pregnant and post partum! Xo"