When ladies enter the world of fitness, bikini and figure competitions, some are single, others married or divorced.  Most are fascinated with staying in shape and remaining competitive following experience in high school and college athletics like cheerleading, dancing, gymnastic, acrobatics and other performance sports and activities.  And, others use training for fitness competitions to get into shape and change their lives.  But, when its time to start a family and have children, staying fit and in shape takes on a whole new dimension.  Ms. Bikini competitor Kelley Workman has five children and explains, "I am 37 years young and work out 6 days a week. I train my boys as well as other children in our community."  Veteran fitness competitor Jodie Cohen is yearning to return to the stage following the recent birth of daughter Olivia. " My plan was to take a couple months off of work when lil' Olivia Raquel Cohen was born and then back to the grind.  I registered for a baby jogger and I'm set to work with a trainer to get off the chubb!  As soon as I can start training for the Universe I will be out there."

This month, we begin Fit Moms, a new feature featuring fitness mothers of any age, competitive experience and family structures.  They will talk about their fitness lifestyle before and after having children and how they stayed in shape during pregnancy.  You can following the rearing of their children and how it has affected their fitness lifestyle.

If you're a Fit Mom or in process of becoming one, please tell us all about yourself and send photos for everyone to see and learn. Send your biography and photos to: [email protected]

'04 Ms. Bikini Universe (Short Class Winner)

Leilani, Preston & Gianna

I am a mother of three very lively children. My oldest daughter who is 10 and myself are both fitness competitors.  But, all of my kids love going to the gym with Mom.



'07 Figure Universe, Top 10
Tyler, Bianca & Cristiano

"I always encourage my children to stay active and lead a healthy lifestyle. We enjoy being active together.  Our favorite sport that we love playing as a family is basketball."

'08 Ms. Bikini Atlantic, Short Class Top 10
Lane & Ty

I was told, "You'll never get your body back after having kids."  Every woman on the "Fit Mom" is proof otherwise!  I love being a good example to my boys on how to take care of your body from the inside out.



'06 Ms. Bikini Florida

"Having my son Dylan is by far my best accomplishment.  I competed for the first time when he was a baby and now that's he's seven,  it was important that I get back in shape and be as healthy as possible for him. I can't wait for him to see me compete!"

'07 Ms. Bikini Universe, Runner-Up
Chad Jr. & Sophia Rose

"Its important that my children understand balance as well. They see me work, play, train, relax, sleep, and eat, all in moderation and with a healthy understanding of living life to its fullest. They love that their mom is a fitness competitor."



'07 Ms. Bikini Atlantic Classic
Charlie & Olivia

"Olivia was 10 days late but was born a healthy 7 lbs. 6 oz.  I pushed her out in 11 minutes and with no drugs.  My midwife was amazed!  I knew my strong abs would serve me someday."

'04 Ms. Bikini America
Jayden & Dylan

"I had an exceptional time at the show!  And my boys were thrilled to see me place first and were so happy for me!  They are my two biggest fans and all appreciate the experience of Ms. Bikini Universe! "

Fitness Coach
Tori and Ryan
(aka Cinderella and Spiderman)

"My children are in every breath I take. They eat mostly organic food and are quite active! My son plays tennis, golf and swims like a fish. My daughter dances at the prestigious Boston Ballet."

'01 Fitness America Champion

Connor just started kindergarten last week and mommy's not sure what to do without her little boy. He's was indoctrinated about fitness since he was born. My husband Chris and always eat healthy and so does Connor.



'07 Ms. Bikini
& Figure New York, 2nd Place
Twins Travis & Tyler

"I am a proud mother of twin boys who are seven years old and are amazing!  I am vice president of the PTA, Room Mom for both of my boys classrooms, and a soccer coach for their team."


"Thomas is my only child and keeping up with him is a true workout! We have a home gym and he already loves to imitate his daddy on the cardio equipment and carry around the 2 lbs. dumbbells."