All twisted up, British fitness diva Tammy Rara says, "You get out of your practice what you put in. When you practice at home, you can modify your practice to suite how you feel and what you need on each particular day."

"STRONG - If you incorporate a lot of strength work into your flows-such as planks, arm balances and core work- you will get stronger as well as tone and tighten your muscles."

"DYNAMIC - Move at a quicker pace, with less resting poses, add some plyometric drills as well as fluid, dynamic movements to increase your heart rate and burn fat."

"RELAX - Move slowly and take gentler, more passive and restorative poses to increase your flexibility and enjoy the relaxation side of yoga."

"Find a balance that suits you, integrating all the different aspect of yoga so that you can reap all of the benefits. And most importantly of all, have fun!"