Estefanie Ramirez says fitness helped her overcome insecurities about her height. The 5'9", 155 lbs., 20 year old explains, "i was always told 'your height makes you stand out, appreciate it'. I never understood how. When I was a teenager, I was taller than half the boys in my class. Standing in the back did not help my case."

"But over the years, I found the gym. I started working out, watching YouTube workout routines at home and slowly learning. I watched my body change over the months and couldn’t stop! The gym swept away my insecurities and now I’m proud to stand out because I know who I am. I couldn’t have done it without the gym."

"Now nothing makes me happier than introducing others to the fitness world and watch them find themselves in the process! I love working out, planning new workouts and inspiring others to workout is my passion."

Estefanie moves her fitness one step further when she takes the stage at Fitness Antelope Valley in California on Saturday.