Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Kenya Cooper shares,"VOLUME" (increase in muscle mass) MY FAVORITE STAGE ??????
•• Here some tips ???? ••
1??Focus on working strength resistance within your training (from 6 to 15 max reps) this will generate hypertrophy (growth of muscle fibers) ?????
2??Do not be afraid of carbohydrates! It is what will help you to grow muscle and give us the energy to train very strong ????
?? EYE! You have to have a% suitable to you, do not try to eat the same as the "strengthened" because we are ALL DIFFERENT ??????????
3 ? Rest ???? Body and muscle need recovery, do not over train ?????????? If you can sleep after training it is a PLUS ???
4??Do not overdo cardio, remember that your priority now should be the weights or anaerobic exercises ???????
5??Try not to have the same routine for more than 3 or 4 weeks so you do not get used to your body! Remember that leaving the comfort zone generates different stimuli or different results ???"