Fitness Model Priya Binion Fit shares, "Fit4Life Fact:

I believe the key to maintaining a lean physique year-round is consistent weights/cardio? Yes. Sensible eating? Yes... But also, it's living a balanced lifestyle. I believe in working hard, but (on ocassion) playing hard too. The physical & mental really do go hand in hand.

I've especially spoken to so many New Year's Resolution women who think the key to getting in shape is strict dieting 24/7, 7 days of exercise, & high intensity, long durations of cardio. STOP! Not only are you doing your body harm, but you won't be able to sustain such a regimen. More is not always better. Give yourself cheat meals (it's good physically & mentally!), take at least 1 day off (recovery is equally important to reaching your goals), and learn what your target heart rate needs to be to reach your fat burning zone, not focusing on endurance/stamina goals. (Slow down! You're burning off your muscle mass) And eat! Eating less shouldn't be the focus, but eating cleaner should be. When your calories are 'clean', you are able to eat more. (Bonus!) Also, the more lean muscle mass you gain, the more calories you can consume without gaining bodyfat. (Score!) So lift away! And lift heavy! ("Weights don't make you huge. Cupcakes do" ??) Oh, and ladies, carbs are SOOO important. There's no need to cut them out. I'm referring to white rice & potatoes too- Yes, they're okay to eat!"