2015 Fitness Universe Finalist Andrea's Tale of a Tight Tush shares, "Competition Life Vs. Reality

Take a look at this comparison with those pretty eyes of yours!

That left picture represents hard work. I see dedication, sacrifice, and pure badassery.

The right picture, being only a few weeks later (yes it really does happen that fast!), I see a body that represents health. I see a woman whose body directly reflects a shift in goals.

I am always grateful when a woman compliments me on my competition figure because I worked hard for it, but it’s my responsibility to communicate that reality isn’t a lean, cut body year round if your goal is to be healthy.

Sister friend, please don’t compare yourself to me at all! And definitely don’t take a look at my competition photos and think I’m rockin’ that definition 24/7. Yes girl, I have dimples when I walk and side rolls when I sit.  I chalk it up to being a glorious woman with glorious lady bits that are capable of bringing life into this world. Now, I’ll take that any day!"