Fitness Universe Star Christine Woods shares, "Commit to more, meaning commit to something bigger than YOU! This was almost 9 years ago.. a year after the birth of my daughter. And it wasn't about getting back to a certain weight or fitting into my pre-pregnancy jeans. It wasn't about the achievement, rather it was about DOING...Getting back to regular exercise, eating better, more consistently, doing the work to feel better.

After birthing a nearly 10 pound baby, having an emergency C-section and living through daily injections of blood thinners because I developed a blood clot, I felt like my body was wrecked and I was extremely fearful of never feeling like myself again!

What I realized was that I couldn't push myself when I wanted to and sometimes I was just too tired ... Feelings that still surface today ...But consistent efforts got me back into a happy and healthy place. I worked mostly with my food since It was what I had immediate control over. And I took a slow approach to the process. Better food choices, controlled portions, timing...A focused effort.

Just because life takes a turn, doesn't mean you have to accept the outcome. Eat, move and live...BETTER! Take care of your body so it will take care of you :)"