Alexandra Kierdorf-Robinson shares, “To many people, much of our lives involve the basic principle of seeking pleasure and avoiding pain.

Through my years of experience as a Physiotherapist and Personal Trainer I have experienced this mindset time and time again. A mindset that can sometimes hold you back from getting those results you want! (No, walking on the treadmill for an hour whilst watching TV and lifting 3kg Dumbbells doesn't actually work...)

Many clients that come see me who don't have much experience of physical training seek to avoid pain... And my job is to slowly but surely change this mindset!!

Training to CHANGE your body must never be comfortable... Quite contrary, it's about SEEKING PAIN - avoiding pleasure! It's about pushing until you feel a bit of panic rising in the chest and not giving in to your escape mechanisms!

Naturally this kind of mind set takes time to evolve, and for people starting out it can be about just allowing heavy breathing and perspiration to happen... So to learn that there is bad pain (injury/illness) and good pain (training)... Then build from there.

So this week friends, how about we step it up a notch!! There is ALWAYS a next level ?? ?? ??”