Fitness America Champion Angela Gargano says, "You will fail over and over again unless you do this. If you’re doing the same thing over and over your going to get the same result. Not a hard a hard concept to understand but a hard concept change. Because lets be honest this failing mentality becomes a habit and changing habits are uncomfortable." ⠀

"Now, how can we directly relate this to your fitness?! Here are two of the most common things I see:" ⠀

"(1) You are working out a shit tone basically any fitness program you can find Instagram workouts you name it and you’re eating next to nothing. You are seeing no results or you did see results at first and now you plateaued and feel defeated. All that work."

"(2) You are barely working out and nervous to even start because you are unmotivated, don’t even know where to start,your food habits aren’t the best and you don’t want to give up ice cream and pizza."

"These are two extremes here but BOTH are stuck essentially at the SAME spot and need change, and BOTH are in it ALONE."