Mind, Body, and Soul in Harmony

Ms. Bikini Latina Su Zam says, "Just locked up here at home and trying to stay fit. We are doing our morning exercises, eating smart and keep a strong mental outlook to life. Mind, body and soul and in harmony! Stay healthy and well, everyone."

Train your Body and Mind

Mexican fitness trainer Xime Chvls Mng says, "Don't just train your body, train your mind, train your values, train your heart because a beautiful body should always be accompanied by a great person."

Camaraderie in the Gym & on Stage

Team Smitty gals Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Yogi Kocan (L) & Ms. Bikini California Jaclyn Fierro camaraderie in the gym and on stage.

Back to the Basics

Ms. Bikini Mexico Javihana Azul says, "During this lockdown, its all back to basics with training and spending time with loved ones. Life is simple now, isn't it?!"

Change in Routine

Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Yogi Kocan has a fresh perspective about the virus lockup. She says, "For many these times are boring in a closed up environment. But for me, it’s a time of opportunity as well to reset my mindset and connect with my soul. When the quarantine started, I built a gym in my garage to motivate myself and it worked! My routine changed drastically and being creative and going out of my comfort zone is what I like. I even started doing yoga for the first time and have been eating better. Creating new meals with my family has become our favorite thing. This virus lifestyle has given me time for personal development. Daily studies are exciting because knowing more = helping others more. As a health coach/personal trainer I want to make sure I have all the tools I can get. My lifestyle now has been one for self improvement and helping others!"

Keeping Innovated with Workouts

Ms. Bikini California Jaclyn Fierro says, "The quarantine has really helped me go back to the basics. Nutrition is essential and key! Gyms are anywhere you make it as I am trying to be innovative with what I have. Home workouts have actually been fun and sharing them helps me keep myself accountable. I’ve also been inspired to create my own home gym in my garage. I have also gone back to my running roots incorporating running a few times a week which helps me stay on track with any extra calories I may be consuming. And, meal prepping helps me grab healthy options instead of snacking on filler foods. Overall quarantine has been a total mind, body and soul reset. Less television, more reading and educating myself."

Transformative New Look

Fitness mom Monica Cruz is taking her journey to the next level this year when she reveals her transformative new look. At 41 years young, she's a mother to four amazing kids and a grandmother to a precious little grandson. Monica started her quest 14 months ago at 5'4", 179 lbs. and will bring to the Fitness Rocky Mountain stage her new body. She says, "I am a Construction Contract Coordinator for a family owned business named Star Paving Company for 23 years. I have taught Christian Dance Fitness and survived 3 Olympic Triathlon fundraiser for cancer patients. My weight has been a roller coaster my adult life. My babies would range from 8 to 10 lbs and my body took a beating. I am the average woman with love handles, stretch marks and loose skin, but I want to show you can be exceptional with hard work & dedication. My goal is to be the best version of myself physically, mentally and spiritually."

27 Month Transformation

Kudos to Holly Koessel on her 27 month transformation! The 5'7", 37 year old, mother of 5 beautiful children started at 255 lbs. and didn't have her first cheat meal until she was 158 lbs.! Holly showcased her new sassy, sexy body at last year's Fitness Rocky Mountain in Denver. Holly says, "I love my new fit lifestyle which surrounds everything I do now. I have a macro diet including calorie counting. I'm into HIIT training, body weight exercises and outdoor cardio. My goals for this season are loosing 5-10 more pounds, more cardio and define some new peek a boo muscles!"

A Strong Core

Fitness America™ Champion Angela Gargano says, "Core is in every movement you do! Literally walking, standing, sitting, carrying groceries so you gotta make sure you have a strong one. Without a strong core your body is going to put more pressure on your ligaments and bones which increases your chance of injury and can leads to back pain, crazy right!"

Keeping Active

Fitness Universe™ Pro Lorrie Lean says, "I'm staying home, active and keeping it positive. Even though some days are challenging not being able to my usual routine, like many, I'm doing my best to follow through with government orders and staying home and not going outside, unless I have to."

"Some things I am doing include:"

1. "Keep a healthy nutrition. Yes, its easy to fall off the healthy eating wagon and eat comfort foods during uncomfortable times. I keep those delicious foods that are not quite so nutritious in moderation."

2. "Staying active with home workouts. Even though the gym has many options to easily cross train and not get bored. Using items at home, like suitcases, water jugs, workout bands, etc makes it fun to get creative while keeping in my workouts."

3. "The right attitude makes a difference. Sure, looking at the same walls while staying home from day to day can get a little mundane, at times. Staying active and with the right positive attitude makes these times easier to handle. Another is that I stay connected with my Fitness America™ family. That makes it easy for me to keep myself on the positive track.”