Enjoying the Process

Veteran Fitness Universe Pro Junko Hashimoto says, "It took a long time for me to develop the skills to perform and be among the best natural ladies on stage! I never gave up and each season I was happier than before and enjoying the process along the way. Never give up!"

Junko is a popular Japanese fitness instructor and started competing nearly 20 years ago.

Enjoying a Healthy Lifestyle

Ms. Bikini Korea Hae-na Kim has competed for over 5 years while she focuses on family. However, the Seoul fitness center owner is still engaged, training daily, mentoring clients and enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

There’s No Best Workout

Ms. Bikini Universe™ Pro Leah Gruber says, "There is no one workout or exercise that is the best. It’s what’s best for your body and goals. I have been working a lot lately on my golf game so in the gym I found a combination of strength, agility, core, stability, and stretching works best for me. I don’t do a ton of running anymore. To get my heart rate up I prefer HIIT or interval training. I’ve also been enjoying long leisure walks."

The Necessity of Healing

Jodi Mehan says, "We are all wounded my friends. Healing is a necessary part of life. Physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. But we heal."

"We don’t all heal at the same rate. We don’t all heal the same way. But we all have a choice about what to do with the pain we have endured. And we don’t have to wait until we are completely healed before we move forward."

"This photos was 7 years ago. I was struggling with a lot in my life. But i found that sharing my pain with others was helping them and myself to heal. I knew my mission then and now and it’s to build other women up that have forgotten just how flipping fabulous they are. They’ve forgotten what it feels like to be 5 years old and invincible. They can’t remember a time they weren’t picking themselves apart. They’ve missed out on experiences because they didn’t like the way they looked."

"I’ve helped many since this picture and I had a lot of personal healing to do myself. But I kept going."

"Take part in the present right now. The healing is in the living of life, sharing of pain and dropping the perfectionism holding you back."

Striving to Get Better

Ms. Bikini Universae Pro Carley Morgan says, "Feeling nostalgic knowing it’s been over two months since the Universe competition."

What a lot of people don’t know that in the bikini division, there is also a chance for you to go on stage for themewear. I chose queen of hearts because you know. In all honesty, no sole reason why I chose this theme but grill I am glad I did. I had the time of my life on stage and cannot wait for what next year will bring for me competing with the Ms. Bikini Universe Pros."

"Until then I have an athlete mindset of striving to get better every single day."

Praise Yourself

Fitness trainer Katie Veazie-Vitale says, "For me, training to be athletic, move well, lift heavy, and move fast has truly healed my relationship with my own body and food. There’s no shame in training for aesthetics if your mind is in the right place but it can become a slippery slope. The same can be said with training for performance. The constant pursuit to better yourself in any capacity can quickly become an obsession and lead to feelings of never being good enough."

"Remember to step back and acknowledge how far you’ve come and praise yourself for even starting the journey. You can love yourself as the person you are today and still desire to be better."

Don’t Let Up

US Army soldier Frantzcesca Casimir says, "Commitment means staying loyal to what you said you were going to do long after the mood you said it in has left you. Set the tone for your workout this week and follow through. Don’t let up."

Keep Going

Back from Miami Swimsuit week, Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Andrea M. Estrada says, "Booked zero castings this week, but it was still a good time in Miami. Still learning the ways of the industry and areas I can improve as a fitness and swimsuit model. Although things don’t always work out as planned, you can always find a silver lining in the disappointments."

"My silver lining is after struggling to get back on track with my healthy lifestyle through exercise and nutrition in 2020, this gave me that extra push to keep going. I’m super happy with the progress I made in the last 3 months with my nutrition and cardio habits. I no longer feel sluggish, fit comfortably in my clothes, and know I can take my body in whatever direction I want moving forward. I find this encouraging rather than discouraging, and I understand rejection and ‘no’ is just a part of the process ."

"Spent time at the good time hotel, saw some awesome designers and fashion shows, and ate lots of yummy food! Until next time Miami."

Best Version of Me

As a wife, mother of 3 girls and grandmother of 2, Mississippi's Valarie Grace knows about personal responsibility. And, as a lifelong farm insurance underwriter, she also knows about professional responsibility.

At 5'3", 125 lbs. and 47 years young, Valarie is super athletic, too, as a certified jumprope instructor, group fitness and spin instructor. She explains, "I am currently teaching boxing HIIT, jumprope HIIT and step aerobic classes at the YMCA and several other area gyms."

"My goal when I first started this fitness journey was to just get in shape, but as I progressed along this journey my goals changed. Not only did I want to be in shape, I wanted to compete. I just want to the best version of "ME" possible."

Valarie will be on stage at Figure Texas next month in Houston.

Natural Performer

As a dancer for 17 years and cheerleader for 9 years, Madison Fernandez is a natural performer. But the 5'3", 138 lbs., 22 year old also used to play basketball and ran track. Madison is a New Mexico private investigator and is apply to pursue her passion in human trafficking law enforcement.

Madison is currently training for Ms. Bikini New Mexico on October 23.