Motivation to Stay Fit

Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Lauren Denise loves the pageantry of fitness shows and how it motivates her to stay fit. The 5'6", 115 lbs., 39 year old, Denver native has also participated and won numerous beauty pageants and was an All American Cheerleader during college. Lauren has a Bachelors in Exercise Physiology and Nursing Science from Arizona State University. Currently, Lauren's an Aesthetic Nurse Specialist and aerobics instructor.

Lauren is bringing back her fun style to the Ms. Bikini America stage the weekend along with her parents and husband Ed when they all just celebrated her 1 year wedding anniversary!

Challenged Everyday

As a Cincinnati ER trauma response nurse, Tracy Heyob is challenged professional everyday. And, as a cancer survivor, she is equally challenged personally everyday. The 5'7", 135 lbs., 47 year old says, "My experiences have taught me to not miss out on anything in life and the importance of keeping up with healthy lifestyles an choices."

Tracy started her health and fitness journey two years ago. "I discovered the joy of lifting and the affects that proper diet has on the body," she explains. "I entered my first show 6 months later and the Fitness Universe Weekend in Miami this earlier this year where I earned my Figure Universe™ Pro card! Through it all, I have made naturally, physically and spiritually gains."

Moving forward, Tracy plans to continue being an active participant in Fitness Universe™ show and will begin personal training, holistic health and nutrition coaching next year.

Not Done Yet

As a high school athlete turned runner turned bodybuilder, Gina Williams has run the gamut in athletics and says she's not done yet. The 5'5", 140 lbs., 45 year old explains, "I've been in the gym and weight training since I was a freshman in high school and that love for weightlifting has grown into my passion for bodybuilding. Outside of the gym, I enjoy hiking, snowboarding and off-roading."

Finding Personal Balance

With a life of music and athletics, Miz Raven has found personal balance. The 5'7", 118 lbs., 45 year old attended Berklee College of Music in Boston and currently plays the saxophone in several bands in San Diego and teaches an after school woodwinds program through La Jolla Music Society. Miz also was a gymnast and as she grew older fell in love with strength sports and teaches yoga and Pilates regularly. Next on Miz's list of personal challenges is training for Ms. Bikini America in Las Vegas in 3 weeks.

Focusing on Our Positives

Fitness America Champion Stacie Venagro says, "We are our own worst critics. We focus on the negative of ourselves without giving any credit where credits is due. Today, I want you to tell me one thing that you like about you! It can be anything."

Lives and Loves Her Fitness Lifestyle

Ms. Bikini Universe Masters Deborah Hunt-Regan brings mortgages and muscles together everyday! The 5'5", 115 lbs., 48 year old is a successful residential mortgage loan originator and lives and loves her fitness lifestyle.

In addition to completing multiple nutrition certifications this year, Deborah has started her coaching career at Enlightened Athletics. She says, "I'm honored to be the posing coach for the Iron Bellas, as well as a proud member of the competitive team. Being on such an inspiring team of athletes makes me want to level up!" She is so grateful for this fitness journey and looks forward to helping others reach their fitness related goals.

Deborah loves spending time at the pool or the beach, so much so that she is on her way to become a Florida snowbird! So she definitely plans on spending more time in a bikini! And Deborah is also an avid 3.5 tennis player and loves to play whenever she can.

Married for 24 years with 3 adult children, Deborah always thanks her husband Sean along with her family and friends for putting up with the crazy schedule and dietary restrictions that come along with prep. "Doing this without an amazing support system would be nearly impossible," she admits.

Currently, Deborah is training for Ms. Bikini America in Las Vegas in 2 weeks. You can watch her LIVE at on Sunday, November 21.

Make Adjustments, Prepare, and Execute

US Army fitness leader Frantzcesca Casimir says, "October was such a busy month for me, with preparing for a move and working on projects so there were plenty of days where I only consumed one or two meals. I’m excited to get back to my normal routine!"

"A new month allows you to mentally hit that reset button. Don’t dwell on anything you feel like you could have done better. Make the adjustments, prepare, and execute. You got this!"

Fitness America Weekend - November 20-21 - Las Vegas

Aspire to Inspire

Astrology fan and plant lover Mickayla Cathryn has been a gym enthusiast for over 5 years. The 4'11", 95 lbs., 22 year old mother is a nutritionist, weight loss and life coach, personal trainer and fitness model.

Michkayla says, "I aspire to inspire others and help those in need. And, I want to be a valuable asset for my loved ones and everything to which I set my mind."

Michkayla is currently training for her first Ms. Bikini America in Las Vegas in 2 weeks.

Enjoying the Outdoor Adventures

Michele King says she's lived in Colorado her entire life and grew up doing everything you could outside! The 5'7", 119 lbs., 31 year old, explains, "I've been hiking sense I could walk and rafting at the age of 5. I enjoy camping with my dogs and want to enjoy all the outdoor adventures Colorado has to offer."

A 3x Ms. Bikini Colorado veteran, Michelle is preparing for another exciting show next weekend. "I loved the first one so much, I had to come back again and again," she explains.

Over 15 Years of Fitness

Former basketball player and cross country runner, Kelly Rios says she's done function fitness for over 15 years. The 6', 155 lbs., 32 year old has also been bodybuilding for the past 5 years. Kelly is a graduate of Colorado State University and currently is a medical and sports massage therapist and certified personal trainer. She says, "I love crafting, the outdoors, spending time with friends and family, and weightlifting."

Kelly brings all her passions when she competes at Figure Colorado in two weeks.