Passion for Health and Wellness

Meet the Baessler Twins - Julia & Stephanie. The Austrian fitness divas say they've been active into sports since children and their passion for health and wellness thrives today.

Second Nature

"Competition or no competition, prep or no prep, I do the same thing," says Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Yogi Kocan. "I work hard everyday, once or twice a day. I eat healthy, cheat very little. I can’t resist PB - yes, that’s my only weakness! 😂 haha but the rest is my habit, my second nature, my LIFESTYLE. Create one for yourself and be happy!"

Motivated to Train

"Today has been a busy day," says Anca Bucur Miss Fitness Universe. "I filmed for a show (I'll tell you more before it airs). And, I had 2 calls about different projects, online training and children of course. I had to send some pictures for TV material and I came across this image which immediately motivated me to get up from the couch (the children are sleeping) and to do my training today."

Back to the Gym!

"My foot is WAY better!," says Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Jamara Garrett. "I returned back to the gym and still on my bulking journey! I did lose like 3 lbs. for no reason on my tiny break! I'm closer than ever to reaching my goal of the side splits lol (has taken me years)."

Reminiscing the Stage

Figure Universe Pro Jordan Maxwell says, "Just reminiscing being on stage and the thrill of those 30 secs of giving it everything you got. So much more and preparation for 1 day. Can’t wait to get back on stage!" At 5'6", 135 lbs., 29 year old, Jordan played soccer for 20 years and competitive swimming. The Texas real estate agent is training for Fitness America Weekend in two weeks!

You got this!

California fitness diva Ashley Flores say, "YOU. GOT. THIS. 👏🏽💜!
Remember that your hardest times can often lead to the greatest moments of your life. Wake up every morning and give yourself a little pep talk (especially during tough times). Tell yourself that it’s going to be a great day, that you’re a badass and that not one thing or person can ruin your energy. Not today or any day, Sweetie!"

Rise to the Challenge

"I’m a true believer that fitness has to work around your lifestyle, not the other way around," says Chanel Coco Brown. "That means whether our gym is closed or we are prevented from continuing our usual workout routine we adapt, we learn new ways and we grow." ⁣
⁣"Life will always be uncertain, we never know what will be thrown at us next, so instead of letting our current circumstances bring us down let’s rise to the challenge.⁣"
"Happy Monday lovelies, let’s start the week strong."

Effort, Desire, and Determination

Ms. Bikini Latina Xime Chvls Mng says, "Beyond talent there is the effort, desire, determination, conviction, assume responsibilities and hard work for your goals. Leave behind excuses and don't throw blame. The time and effort you invest will be decisive to open any door ❤!"

Avid Fitness Enthusiast

Ms. Bikini San Diego Nicole Jolliffe is 3 weeks away from Ms. Bikini America in Las Vegas. The 5'3", 115 lbs., 37 years young is a proud mother of 3. Born and raised in Southern California, Nicolas has been an avid fitness enthusiast for 13 years.

Taking Action

"Once you get super clear on what you want life becomes a lot easier," says Fitness America Champion Angela Gargano."When you use excuses like you don’t have time to make it happen, you’re too tired, or that can wait til tomorrow. Realize this."

"You aren’t on this earth just to do stuff for everyone are hear to create the life you always wanted. You are here to feel good and go after those crazy dreams. And by you feeling good it will translate into everyone else in your life and everything else. It’s not as easy as just writing it down, you have to take action."

"Here’s a few activities we did to get a CLEAR picture on what we actually want."

"BRAIN 🧠 Dump: Sit down for 5 minutes and write out ALL the things you need to do and all the dreams you have."

"SET CLEAR intentions: look at that list and star ⭐️ the things that excited you the most. Then circle the things that you can accomplish in the next 30 days or at least get one step closer to."

"VISUALIZE/MANIFEST: create a vision board of it all and put it legit in front of your face every morning so that you have a reminder on what your goals are. Visualize it actually happening."