Time to Shine

Kudos to Ms. Bikini America Pro Runner-Up Carley Kocel. The Houston financial planner and analyst competed among nearly 100 other natural men and women from around the world at the 35th Annual Fitness America Weekend in Hollywood, California. Carley says, "My Ms. Bikini Universe Pro debut is complete! It was my time to shine and I walked away full of happiness! Needless to say I am so damn proud of myself. I pushed myself to levels I never have done before and it all comes full circle."

Moving up her Game

With aspiration to become a physician, Meegan Wooding already is a clinical nurse and has earned a Masters in Women’s Health Medicine and BS in Nursing. The 5'7", 32 year old, is a competitive swimmer, national triathlete and Ms. Bikini Australia. Meegan is moving up her game and will appear at Ms. Bikini America stage in Hollywood, California in 2 weeks.

Value in Hard work & Dedication

As a military bride, Christina Burton says she's moved 11 times in the past 8 years! But the Colorado resident says the moves have not deterred her passion for nutrition and fitness and has consistently trained throughout it all. At 5'1", 97 lbs., 35 years old continues, "I love the outdoors and exploring various hiking trails. I enjoy experimenting with new foods and wine. I once traveled to Korea with my one-year-old child. Navigating the subway systems was crazy, but fun experience."

Christina brings her fitness passions to the Fitness Colorado stage next weekend. She says, "I'm competing in this show because I want to show my kids the value of hard work and dedication. I want to show them what is possible when you are disciplined and focused on something that may seem extremely difficult."

Manage Your Intake

Aussie fitness star Stephanie Sanzo says, "Let’s address one of the biggest misconceptions that many women believe about weight training . . . Which is that heavy lifting makes you “bulky” (Meaning that it prevents you from burning fat and makes you gain unwanted weight)." ⁣

"This couldn’t be further from the truth. So where did this misconception come from? Often what happens is that people tend to gain weight when they first start lifting weights.
The reason for the unwanted weight gain is usually because people begin overeating (as weight training has a tendency to increase your appetite)." ⁣

"Here’s the important thing to remember. The main component that determines weight loss / weight gain is your food intake (above everything else)⁣. So provided that you manage your nutrition appropriately - you can absolutely lift heavy and lose fat body / improve your shape."

Listen to Your Body

Figure Universe Pro Gladys Leong says, "Some days you just don't feel at your optimal. Low energy, angsty, sore all over but its OK to not feel at your peak everyday. You're human!
Listen to your body and just push through and you will thank yourself."

Gladys and her husband, Musclemania® Pro Desmond Lee operate an exclusive boutique training studio in Singapore and next month they will travel to Los Angeles where Gladys will make her Figure Universe Pro debut!

Don’t Rush it

Jennifer Trinkner says, "When deciding to make changes, be patient with yourself. Love the process, don’t rush it."

"Start to embody change and make it part of your routine. If you miss a day, eat something that makes you feel bad, or spend three hours in the social media “scroll hole,” then just know that you are improving, not fully improved."

“Every master was once a disaster!” Do your best. Celebrate your daily achievements. Do not get off track because of a few bad decisions. Go back to your WHY, your list of daily goals and remind yourself of your path and commitments."

"Take a deep breath and reset."

Don’t Stop

Carley Morgan says, "Set your goals high and don’t stop until you get there. I'm 6 weeks out from Ms. Bikini America and I have to say I’m so proud of myself for working my ass off the past year and a half. My body is changing week by week and I am excited to get leaner until show day in LA."

At 5'7", 135 lbs., 29 years old, Carley played soccer since childhood, at the Olympic level in high school, for Denver University and Trinity University and abroad in Sweden. She loves to do Hiit workouts at her fiancé's fitness company called Sweat.

Carley obtained her Bachelors of Science in International Business and currently is Financial Planning Manager and Analysis with a Texas consulting firm.

Enjoying the Stage

Ms. Bikini Korea Ga Yeon Yoo says, "It was my childhood dream was to be a singer. Although I didn't achieve it, I feel like I'm satisfied every time I stand on stage. I can have relatively leisure time, enjoy it (even when it's over lol). I can also pose differently like choreography and add more of my own color! Even if I'm only 10 years young, I'll try again for my dreams."

Motivated to Help Others

Ms. Bikini Latina Javihana Azul has made fitness a lifestyle since a teenager. The Mexican fitness trainer has earned popular aclaim as a wellness role model for ladies of all ages appearing at schools, recreation centers, expos and media appearances. "I like to teach through my experiences and help others about fitness training, nutrition and a lifetime," Javihana says. "Helping others is motivation for me, too."

Focus on Developing Technique & Practice

Self professed tuff girl and personal trainer and nutrition coach Erika Martin says, "I also stick to developing technique and practice rather than focusing on the results. Everyone has different minds and bodies, so natural we also have different experiences and achieve different results in our lives. Stay healthy, wise and happy."