Working on Flexibility

Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Jamara Garrett says, "When this whole pandemic is over, there is no reason you shouldn't have gained something from it all. Whether that be a skill, new hustle or learned a new language for heaven sake😳😋! I've been working on flexibility, improving my side hustles and working on my peace (a forever battle)."

4 Year Transformation

Check out Joan MacDonald who at 74 years young says, "You can't turn the clock back, but you can rewind it! She began 4 year transformation and promises the best is yet to come.

Feeling the Strength and the Gains

Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Cora-Leigh Hutchinson-Gray says, "I am a powerful open authentic and courageous woman. After several months of isometric workouts feeling the strength 💪🏼 and the gains."

Effort, Dedication, and Discipline

"A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to train for a couple of days in a new gym here in Mexico City," says Xime Chvls Mng. The pandemic lockdown has deprived us all from the machines, free weights and barsfor more than 4 months. But seeing myself in the mirror, I really realized that my body did change, maybe I lost a little muscle, I gained some fat but I feel good and satisfied with what I was seeing because I know I did the best I could with the means that I had. I realized that going to the gym does not determine or will make you achieve your fitness goals. Your efforts, dedication and discipline will allow you to achieve wherever you are including training at home, on a terrace, gym, the beach or wherever you can. It always depends on you!"

Get Up, Get Moving, Get Doing

Fitness diva Krissy Cela says, "And just like that she made her dreams come true. Why do you think I keep telling you to DO THIS FOR YOU. I cannot express to you how many times you’re going to want to give up, you’re going to want to just stop but the minute you stop is the minute you won’t progress."

"Progression isn’t about how much success you accumulate in a short matter of time. Progression is the ability to keep going and adapting to change . . . success will follow."

"In all honesty you have always been the key to make a difference, I can only give you a couple of tools and have your back along the way BUT it has ALWAYS been you."

"Listen, I can sugar coat things and tell you everything will work out but you gotta put in the WORK you gotta invest in yourself and DO THIS FOR YOURSELF. Get up, get moving, get doing and start believing in yourself because YOU CAN and WILL achieve anything if you just keep going."

"Yesterday I shot content for a photography pool and I drove back home crying because I got to shoot pictures wearing my very own clothing brand my own designs and it hit me that’s regardless of how many times I feel like my life is crumbling I got my own back and I’ll push through all the pain."

"Let this be a reminder to NEVER EVER give up you’re too good to give up."

Motivation to Stay Active

Ms. Bikini Paris Prisca Modèle says, "We had a lovely weekend in Nice. It reminded me how precious life and good health for all of us. Its my motivation to stay active, fit and positive everyday of my life. I hope you, too, stay well and enjoy everyday of you life."

Making Progress

Washington D.C. OGBYN Dr. Cordelia Nwankwo says, "Progress and perfection cannot coexist.” ⁣

"I’m definitely a goal oriented person. Regardless of what it is -fitness, finances, career, etc. I find that when I write down my goals and check in periodically on my progress, I tend to accomplish them faster.⁣"

"This week my goal is to work out 6 days 💪🏾. I made a workout schedule and created my split for the week. I write it down."

"What’s your goal for the week or the month? Doesn’t matter how small it is. Write it down then think of what you need to do to get there - write that down too. Then check in regularly to see where you are on your track to reaching that goal."

2020 Goals

Fitness America™ Champion Angela Gargano says, "My 2020 goals continue . . ."

- I want to run a 5k again in a solid time (haven’t done that since before my knee injury)⠀
- I want to crank out 30 pull-ups in a row (made it to 26 two years ago)⠀
- I want to hold a solid handstand for 1 minute ⠀
- I want to continue to inspire women that they are stronger than they think they are and that anything is possible. ⠀

"There is so many other goals I have for 2020 this is just a few of my more physical ones. But everyday I wake up, I set an intention and I am proud of myself no matter how long it takes. This year is all about momentum for me and I am not stopping. Neither should you!"

Find a Balance

All twisted up, British fitness diva Tammy Rara says, "You get out of your practice what you put in. When you practice at home, you can modify your practice to suite how you feel and what you need on each particular day."

"STRONG - If you incorporate a lot of strength work into your flows-such as planks, arm balances and core work- you will get stronger as well as tone and tighten your muscles."

"DYNAMIC - Move at a quicker pace, with less resting poses, add some plyometric drills as well as fluid, dynamic movements to increase your heart rate and burn fat."

"RELAX - Move slowly and take gentler, more passive and restorative poses to increase your flexibility and enjoy the relaxation side of yoga."

"Find a balance that suits you, integrating all the different aspect of yoga so that you can reap all of the benefits. And most importantly of all, have fun!"

New Goals in Mind

Ms. Bikini New Mexico @Jamara Garrett says, "Wonder what I'm having for lunch today? I've got food and new goals on my mind! I've decided to bulk up 🙊🍑💪and I'm pretty pumped because this is just another goal I gotta strive to execute! What is even more interesting is I'll be doing it with no gym membership! And I know I got it in the bag with all the amazing equipment my Love got us! We out here in the backyard going hard. We have no excuses with how equipped."