Prioritizing Yourself

"The best thing I ever done was invest in myself mentally and physically," says Chanel Coco Brown. "The day I decided I was a priority was the day I started my longest commitment, yet most valuable investment."
"I’ve been studying hard behind the scenes so I’m able to help others show up as their highest self, be it in work, relationships, healing or your overall health. Wellness is so much more than just fitness, so much more. I can’t wait for this new chapter."

Effort and Perseverance

Ms. Bikini Latina Xime Chvls Mng says, "Balance is not synonymous with comfort, it requires effort, perseverance and not giving up. Only in that way can we find the balance so desired for our lives and for this you must always work on yourself first and lose fear."

Momentum and Abundance

"Leaving 2020 proud," says Fitness America Champion Angela Gargano. "Although it was an unexpected year. 2020 truly gave the meaning “slow down, to speed up. My word of 2020 was momentum . . . and holy hell did I have a lot of that. By taking the time to do a lot of work within myself, everything else in my life got better. For me, 2021 was about abundance. Abundance in life, money, love, travel & amazing clients."

Taking Care of Body, Heart, & Mind

"Let's start the New Year without judging ourselves, without putting limits on our emotions, without setting impossible goals that frustrate us, doing everything in our power to feel better about ourselves either from the outside or from the inside, whether taking care of our body, heart and mind," says Spanish yoga favorite Shela Martinez.

The Color Red

German fitness model Julia Baessler says, "Lady in red! I think red is just so beautiful, whether it is for clothes, bikinis or sports clothes. And I think that the colors you wear influence you a lot. If I wear red, I feel alive, confident and strong."

New Year New Goals

Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Nicole Ashley says, "New year. New goals. Same me . . . but better! While you approach the new year think about this New Years resolutions don't have to be mind blowing they can be little goals along the way that help you reach a larger goal in the future! Let's say your goal is to travel the world. You probably aren't going to travel the whole world in one year. Right? So, why set that unrealistic goal? Why not make smaller goals that help you get to that larger goal? Be realistic, you'll get to your goal, celebrate and hammer out another one with even more confidence eventually getting to that big goal!"

"Make goals! Set deadlines, ask for help! Goals without deadlines are just dreams."

Simple Things

Ms. Bikini Latina Xime Chvls Mng says, "Something that has taken me years to understand and I finally see clearly is that unless you have genetics of an extremely slim body, wanting to fit into that type of body just because for many it was "the prototype of beauty" with which we have grown will make you suffer."

"Doing extreme diets, promoting eating disorders, or a lot of cardio will never make you feel satisfied or happy. Instead, do the following simple things:"

- Eat healthy
- Exercise
- Have discipline
- Commitment to yourself

"They will give you the necessary confidence and self-esteem and no, you will not put on your back, nor will you look like a man, you will only be your best version in a healthy and loved body, and at last you will be happy when you stop flushing yourself to fit in someone or something that you are not."

Create Your Dream Body!

Celebrity trainer Krissy Cela says, "I will never forget the day I stepped foot into the gym. I walked right back out and didn’t look back for another two months. I remember thinking that training upper body would make me look to mannish, to bulkkyyy and go ahead looking. Here’s a simple reminder that your mind set might be one way right now but it’s not a forever thing! YOU can revert it, and you can control it, so go for it. Create your dream body!"

Autumn Shape

Ms. Bikini Latina Su Zam autumn shape. "I had my fun at the Las Vegas show but now I am back to training simply because it makes me feel whole - mind, body and soul." Susana is a popular Mexico City sports & fashion model and professionally a dentist.

All, Nothing, and Something

"Stuck in the ALL or NOTHING mentality?," asks Fitness America™ Champion Angela Gargano. "I feel you. It happens to us all. Maybe you’ve been super consistent with your workouts and food and then BOOM a day happens where shit hits the fan, you barely moved and you’re eating Ben & Jerry’s for breakfast & dinner."

"So here’s some advice I give my clients . . . don’t beat yourself up! It’s okay. Days like this are completely normally and doesn’t mean you’ve ruined everything."

"Here’s what happens and some tips on how to go from ALL or Nothing to well something:"

"Sometimes time is of the essence and you look at a workout and you know there is zero chance you will be able to complete it all . . . so instead of doing any of it skip it. Switch this mindset to, I’m going to set my timer for 30 minutes, start the workout and wherever I finish I finish."

"You have your Ben & Jerry’s for breakfast and then decided . . . fuck it I ruined the day so might as well just not eat or order some pizza and call it a day. Switch this mindset too...damn that ice cream was good now it’s time for me to eat some protein and veggies in my next meal so my body gets what it needs."

"All or Nothing can be dangerous. So instead let’s do SOMETHING."