Feeling Proud!

Estefanie Ramirez says fitness helped her overcome insecurities about her height. The 5'9", 155 lbs., 20 year old explains, "i was always told 'your height makes you stand out, appreciate it'. I never understood how. When I was a teenager, I was taller than half the boys in my class. Standing in the back did not help my case."

"But over the years, I found the gym. I started working out, watching YouTube workout routines at home and slowly learning. I watched my body change over the months and couldn’t stop! The gym swept away my insecurities and now I’m proud to stand out because I know who I am. I couldn’t have done it without the gym."

"Now nothing makes me happier than introducing others to the fitness world and watch them find themselves in the process! I love working out, planning new workouts and inspiring others to workout is my passion."

Estefanie moves her fitness one step further when she takes the stage at Fitness Antelope Valley in California on Saturday.

Progress Over Perfection

Arizona fitness junkie and mother, Jenn Crawford says, "I’ve learned progress over perfection. I’m more focused on how working out and eating clean helps my mental health. Strength from the inside out, and forward progress daily. That’s the goal."

Forms of Sacrifice

Aussie fitness diva Stephanie Sanzo ⁣says, "We all have to sacrifice something. Some people choose to sacrifice things that provide instant gratification in the pursuit of achieving their goals. While others choose to sacrifice their goals and desires in exchange for the easy path."

"No matter which category you fit in. Both forms of sacrifice are hard. For those people chasing your goals, don’t give up! And for those that have forgotten your goals .. don’t forget how much potential you have within you!"

Overcoming and Achieving

As a type 1 diabetic, health & fitness takes on a medical purpose for Andrea Kirby. The 5'6", 140 lbs., 41 year old, Oregonian says, "I work out 6-7 days a week to achieve my goals to overcome diabetes." Andrea has a Balcelors degree in Psychology and blessed with two beautiful daughters.

Andrea has taken her training to the next level as she prepares for her first Fitness Universe Weekend™ in Miami in June.

Back to Defend Her Title

Ms. Bikini Universe Masters Champion Carrie Callies Smith is coming back to Miami to defend her title. But outside of the gym, the 5'4". 110 lbs., 46 years young, veteran fitness diva is a classical clarinetist who has been performing, teaching privately, and presenting master classes in Houston, Texas for twenty-nine years! "I currently maintain a studio of fifty students that range from beginners to college-level players. They experience a high degree of success and have consistently earned placements in Region and All-State organizations, have received first division ratings and outstanding performer honors at solo & ensemble contests, have earned admission to respected summer music festivals, and have earned college scholarships to prestigious music schools."

Cheers for Caroline for investing into the futures of her students and believing in them as much as she does herself.

Strength & Beauty

Abigail Woodcock says, "Demonstrating strength and beauty has always been a goal that I wish to portray. As life and priorities change, so does the visual idea of what that means to me. As I still practice my love for “health and fitness” I have also found my strength, beauty, and health in my version of “overindulgence.” I currently cheat 70% of the time, practice weight training 3x a week, and enjoy cardio 5x a week. I have found my “new” version of strength and beauty as I believe it improves/changes with each version of ourselves."

Never Forgetting Her Roots

Raised on an 80 acre Minnesota farm, Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Khalea Rae Zobel never forgets her roots. "I love Capoeira, trail running, mountain biking, paddle boarding, Zouk dancing and foster pups in need," she says. The 5'2", 125 lbs., 38 year old Social Worker and Fitness Instructor earned a Masters degree in Social Work with a certification as a clinical trauma specialist and associates in Kinesiology. "I fell in love with all movement first getting a yoga certification 10 years ago now I've been teaching almost everything you can think of."

Gaining Traction

Veteran Fitness Universe Pro Lorrie Lean says, "Every action you will gain traction. Keep putting in the work. Once you have your great habits set, your action action traction things will get easier."

Lorrie has been an avid Fitness Universe competitor for over 20 years!

Consistent, Dedicated, & Unwavering

"Achieving maximum results requires maximum effort," says Jennifer Corliss Trinkner. "Staying consistent, dedicated and unwavering is key. Harness the power of your mind, stay tenaciously focused, and the results will follow."

Swimsuit Season

Texas fitness model Abby Liu says, "Swimsuit season is upon us, so its also time to put in more work in the gym, the kitchen and in life."