Never Give Up

Kristi Haglund-Parrotte has a trifecta of careers owning a physical therapy clinic, fitness center and real estate brokerage. At 5'2", 115 lbs., 50 years young, she says, "But most importantly I am a mother of 3 grown children who continue to reach for the stars and touch the moon. Raised in Montana, Kristi reflects, "I was raised on a farm/ranch giving me many blessings, Everything I have learned in life I learned from my Dad on the farm, whether it was about business, or hard work, or just never giving up, and always having the courage to move forward."

Kriti leave the ranch next weekend when she competes at Ms. Bikini Universe in Miami. 

Never Ending Fitness Journey

Firefighter and EMT Lauren Frye puts her tests her mantel everyday on the job. But the 6', 160 lbs., 26 year old has also always challenged herself in sports. "As a child, I was a part of about 5 teams throughout the year including volleyball, basketball, and softball teams," Lauren explains. "And, while a college student, I played volleyball. I've received numerous honors including the conference's Player of the Year title and created a lifelong bond with my teammates that is extremely valuable today."

The eldest of 5 children, Lauren says, "I've always like to take the lead and help others."

In two weeks, she will take charge at Ms. Bikini Universe in Miami. "While this is my first fitness competition, I hope my fitness journey never ends."

Regain Control

Ms. Bikini Paris Leslie Pantigny says, "Summer is coming, so are you ready? Do you start to warm up before working out? Not because of the outside temperature, but when you realize that you have lost your figure through the winter and spring? Fortunately, sports coaching and nutrition allow you to take control of the situation. This is thanks to simple advice, proper training and quality nutrition help you regain control of your body."

Always Active

Mother of 3 beautiful children, Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Kayla Jones has always been an active woman. Playing volleyball, running track & field and competitor cheer, she mixed academics and athletics throughout high school and college. Now, the 5'9", 140 lbs., 33 year young had fitness part of her lifestyle. Kayla explains, "I started this journey a year ago at close to 200 lbs! Since then, I have lost weight, gained health and competed in two shows. I earned my FU Pro card at my first show and had my FU Pro debut at Fitness America™. These shows give me so much motivation and purpose!"

Kayla attended college in Santa Barbara, CA and Red Rocks, CO. Currently she's a residential mortgage broker and owns here own mortgage company in Colorado.

"I come from a family of seven girls and no boys-all sisters! I was born and raised in California but Colorado has been my home since 2006. I am married to the love of my life and biggest supporter, Tyler, and we have two sons and one daughter. Life is beautiful!"

Kayla takes her fitness journey to Fitness Universe Weekend in Miami in 4 weeks.

Stay Grounded and Humble

Ms. Bikini California Jaclyn Fierro says, "Stay grounded. Stay humble. Be you. Be real. Honor your boundaries and 7 other things to remember when being judged:"

1 - Don’t take anything personal. It is not about you.
2 - It doesn’t matter what they think. It’s what you know to be true.
3 - You are not obligated to convince anyone
4 - You don’t need them to know the truth, you need to remind yourself of the truth.
5 - You don’t need them to accept you or the situation, you need to come to your own acceptance of yourself and the situation
6 - You can’t stop others from judging, refocus your energy on your purpose.
7 - Remember it is okay to judge behavior, it is not okay to devalue or to compare people.

Get Started

Fitness America™ Champion Angela Gargano quotes, "'I'm embarrassed to see how out of shape I really am'." I've heard this multiple times this week from women/men and more importantly my mom. She used to workout every week before covid. Then when the pandemic HIIT she stopped going to the gym & got super caught up in trying to teach special needs kids virtually. Super unfamiliar with technology, trying to be creative and she is always striving to be her best so naturally the first thing she started to neglect was herself."

"We’ve ALL been there. And it’s okay. But when things slowed down with work I asked her why she hadn’t started to workout again. And she said she was embarrassed. She didn’t want her old instructors to see where she is at now, she didn’t want people judging her. She was fearful she wouldn’t even be able to keep up with a full workout."

"And then my Mom joined my Sunday Zoom Class, we took it slow, focused on form and at the end of the workout she was like. It was scary. She almost didn’t show up. But she’s so happy she did."

"If you are feeling like my mom, you are not alone. Im here to tell you to be gentle with yourself. Life happens, but we are here to support you on your journey. All you need to do is get started."

Motivated by the Stage

Ms. Bikini Latina Su Zam says she's training for Ms. Bikini Universe in Miami next month. The Mexico City native explains, "Getting on stage gives me such a rush and performing motivates me to get my ass into the gym every day and stick to my diet. We all need incentives and competing is mine to stay in shape."

Cardio Fasting

Ms. Bikini Latina Karely Herrera says, "People ask me why I do cardio fasting sometimes️ Well, fat is the primary fuel used during sleep. When we wake up there are chances that the amount of free fatty acids is higher. As these fatty acids "no longer have to be mobilized" (they are already released) they become easier to oxidize to be used as fuel and consequently in the morning they are more ready to be used when doing cardiovascular exercise. If you want to burn that tire, do cardiovascular fasting. Some tips include not drinking less than 30 minutes from when you get up until you start your preferred morning cardio."

Worth it

Ms. Bikini Colombia Sami Benavides says, "If I told you that my transformation has been easy and that I have reached it in a short time, I would be lying to you. It has been more than 12 years of breaking my genetics taboo with buttocks which do not grow with exercise. I confess that not always I am in my best moment. But, no matter how big or small each progress has been, its more than worth it. This is something that nobody can take away from you or give away."

"So if you are working on your best version, don't give up. I could have, too!"

Strength and Balance

Veteran Fitness Universe™ Champion Lorrie Lean has been training for over 20 years. The Minnesota native says, "I work every part of my body for strength and balance. Results are not immediately evident, but from experience, I know I will get the body I deserve."

Lorrie is currently training for Fitness Universe Weekend in Miami in 6 weeks.